NSCC-TJ undertook the "863 Program": The development of Fusion and Fission Energy Software

Recently, The Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s republic of China has completed the establishment of "High Performance Computer (First Step)", which is the major project of the "863 Program" in information technology area. NSCC-TJ took part in the project "The Development of Fusion and Fission Energy Numerical Simulation Software System".

This project is led by Beijing Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics Institute, with the participation of NSCC-TJ, Nuclear Power Institute of China, and China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute Company. This project oriented to the numerical simulation of hundreds of thousands of processors about laser fusion and nuclear reactor. Relying on the high performance computer system, this project aimed to develop high performance software of numerical simulation to cover the whole physical process of laser fusion, and to develop 3D nuclear reactor software which has the ability to build nuclear reactor criticality safety analysis. This project can improve the development of laser fusion and nuclear reactor software and the ability of large-scale numerical simulation.

High performance scientific computing is the major direction of our center, this project is the further expand of the participation of national scientific program as to our center, and can take our center to a new situation of the competition in national project. Meanwhile this project will improve the development of large-scale numerical simulation software and the research of laser fusion numerical simulation.

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