Zong Guoying, Mayor of Binhai New Area, visited NSCC-TJ

On May 3rd, Zong Guoying, Mayor of Binhai New Area, visited NSCC-TJ. He learnt center's construction and operation and solve the problems encountered in developing. Wang Sheng, the vice mayor and relevant leaders attended the meeting.

Mayor Zong fully affirmed the achievements of center in the past three years. "Supercomputer Center is a major national science and technology service platforms, and industrial technology innovation platform and talented people training platform. In the past 3 years, all work run smoothly, users reached more than 300, center won universal praise, showing a good social and economic benefits. Now center development has entered a new period, we must seriously study the focus of the next phase of development, seek to be in the forefront of independent innovation continuously ", said Mayer Zong.

Mayor Zong pointed out that center should continue to maintain a leading positiontake advantage of the data processing, software development and function expand, research and develop a strategic development plan for the next 3-5 years, mining industry talents. Center should also expand the scope of application, establish awareness of market operators, open up a broader service space. Center should develop upstream and downstream industries, gather more domestic and foreign R&D institutions, develop sustainability. Center should increase cooperation with the National University of Defense Technology, establish deep cooperation, seize the technological high ground. Center should explore new management mechanism, make a fully use of existing resources, and adding vitality to the future development.



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