Supercomputing strategic cooperation project in China-Europe has started based on the TianHe-1A

April 23, 2012, the China-EU the Supercomputing strategic cooperation project (SCC-Computing) at the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin starts. NSCC-TJ and Tianjin University jointed leading EU-five countries research institutions (UK, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria, Switzerland), successfully applied the world's largest science and technology Framework Plan--EU Seventh Framework Program (FP7).

The project will use Tianhe-1A Supercomputer to carry out large-scale application research and testing, to discuss the future development and application of supercomputer technology trends. The research content mainly includes: the Tianhe-1A application in the multidisciplinary field, the GPU computing environment, visual information processing in parallel computing method for design and high performance computers application, new parallel programming language and programming model, large computing tasks and virtualized resources algorithm design and new technology and new ideas of green high performance computing, computer system security and other fields.

Professor Bernd MohrChina-EU project consultant, Germany Juelich Supercomputing Center,said the project was supported through the EU seventh Framework Program (FP7),China had experience in large supercomputer, hoped that through this cooperation, can provide guidance and reference for the future development in high performance computing.

According to the plan, the two years are the implementation period of China European supercomputing strategic cooperation project, and the project will plan to organize five large-scale seminars. EU experts will work with the Chinese supercomputing research and development design teams, to determine the future of collaborative research projects and challenges; Through exchange, access, exchange of students and other ways to achieve supercomputing resource sharing, and jointly promote the two sides co-operation in the field of Supercomputer education programs, cooperative training.


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