Center Introduction

National Supercomputing Center, Tianjin (NSCC-TJ) is the National Science and Technology in May 2009 formally approved the construction by the State Science and Technology, Tianjin, and a tripartite investment in the National Defense Science and Technology University, Tianjin Binhai New Area, National Defense Science and Technology University and the Tianjin Economic and Technological Zone tripartite construction of national high-tech Research and Development Program (863 Program) of the information technology field, "High Performance Computer and Grid Service Environment" significant project "a petaflop high-performance computer system," state-level development of results-based supercomputing Center.

Primary business computer in NSCC-TJ is one of the fastest speed in the current world of "TH-1A" supercomputer, is a major project by the Ministry of science and technology 863 plan "quadrillion times high performance computer system" support from National University of Defense technology developed jointly with the Binhai New area in September 2010.

From the beginning of December 2009,NSCC-TJ has cooperated with enterprises, as well as scientific institutions and colleges, and has been providing high-performance computing services for more than 300 customers.

NSCC-TJ’s application domains include oil exploration, high-end equipment development, bio-medical research, animation design, exploitation of new energy sources, research of new materials, engineering design and simulation analysis, weather forecast, remote sensing data processing, and financial risk analysis.

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