Large Civil Engineering

With the progress of science and development of engineering practices, the large civil engineering has become an integrated system which is characterized with a broad connotation, numerous disciplines and complex structure. The civil engineering which consists of many branches, such as railway engineering, road works, tunnel and underground engineering, water supply and drainage works has become one of the most important components of modern civilization.

NSCC-TJ collaborated with the Tianjin University to use the three-dimensional finite element discrete mesh to simulate the structure of Xiluodu dam whose height is 203 meters. The total installed capacity of Xiluodu dam is 12.6 million kilowatts and it is the second largest hydropower station of China. The simulation divide the model into 14,6769 grids to make the geometry model approaching the real structure based-on the hardware resource of NSCC-TJ. The result was shown in Figure 1.

fig.1 Xiluodu dam finite element modeling diagram

Meanwhile, we have simulated the Xiluodu dam dynamic response and the simulation time decreased from 505 hours to 5 hours. The simulation efficiency was improved significantly.


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