High-end equipment manufacturing

The high-end equipment is not only an important support of the national economy and national defense construction, but an important component of the strategic emerging industries, such as new energy equipment, new materials equipment, energy-efficient environmental protection equipment, electronic information equipment, new energy automobile production line and so on.

At present, we have launched the cooperation with the Tianjin Motor Dies, Tianjin FAW, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Tianjin Alstom Power, Nanyang Explosion Protection Group and other business corporations so as to take advantage of the hardware and software resources of NSCC-TJ for the engineering design, simulation analysis and numerical simulation.

Application examples:

NSCC-TJ has cooperated with Tianjin FAW to simulate the car crash test. Tianjin FAW analyses the car crash safety study of a model of a group of Dyna finite element simulation analysis to optimize the process of calculation results in Figure 1.

Fig.1 Positive 100% overlap rigid barrier crash tests and finite element simulation

By calculating the test (Table 1), a positive 100% overlap rigid barrier crash test simulation, only 4286 seconds (about 1.19 hours) in the National Supercomputer Center 64 CPU core parallel computing, computational efficiency is very high (Figure 2).

Fig.2 Positive 100% overlap rigid barrier crash test simulation time-CPU cores curve


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