Numerical simulation of magnetic confinement fusion

Magnetic confinement fusion (ICF) large-scale numerical simulation software swing toroidal plasmas code (GTC) is one of the most important application softwares in the field of magnetic confinement fusion. It was mainly used to study magnetic confinement dissolved plasma turbulence transmission problems.

NSCC-TJ has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to run the GTC simulation on TH-1A. It calculated scales maintained a good linear acceleration within 3000 CPU cores and the maximum particle number of steps of the simulation reached 10 ^ 10.

Simulation of Turbulent Flow

Turbulence is ubiquitous phenomenon in nature. On account of the strongly nonlinear sensitivity, irregular and unpredictable, the study on turbulence is complex and significant. Turbulence research has the close relationship with energy, chemical industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, environmental protection. To Master the law of motion of the turbulence structure and to control it effective and rational could promote the basic research and practical engineering applications significant.

NSCC-TJ and the national laboratories of turbulence and complex system of Peking University worked together to carry out the large-scale turbulence numerical simulation on TH-1A. The maximum computational scale reached 7168 CPU+GPU cores. The flow parameter has been equal to the actual turbulence of the nature.

Molecular dynamics simulations of crystalline silicon

NSCC-TJ has cooperated with the Sciences Institute of Process Engineering to simulate the molecular dynamics of crystal silicon with total 7168 GPU cores of TH-1A. We carried out the simulation of molecular structure of crystal silicon used widespread in the semiconductor industry. The simulation achieved 1.87PFlops and got a good stand-alone efficiency and parallel speedup.

Computer simulation based on the ionic liquid super capacitor system

By changing the function of the positive ions to replace the function of ionic liquid groups and different anions, the system is based on the nature of the ionic liquid electrolyte electric double layer capacitor system, designed for the super capacitor system, to build high energy density of the super capacitor to establish new generation of chemical power system with independent intellectual property.

NSCC-TJ has collaborated with Nankai University to carry out the simulation of super capacitor system through NKMD software and has got a good simulation results.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the insulin receptor

NSCC-TJ worked with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences to execute the molecular dynamics simulation study about insulin receptors.

Genetic testing and analysis

NSCC-TJ and the Genomics Institute carried out the testing and analysis of genes.

Polymer thermodynamic properties and self-assembly simulation

NSCC-TJ collaborated with Tianjin University to execute the high precision calculation of polymer phase transition behavior of the thermodynamics.

Gaussian03 quantum chemical calculations

NSCC-TJ worked with Nankai University to calculate the reaction transition state of transition metal compounds and calculate the magnetic energy level of the binuclear complex molecules.

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