Basic Scientific

Basic scientific research is the activities which comprise the understanding of natural phenomena, obtaining new knowledge and new principles. Enhancing the basic scientific research is an important approach to improve the innovation ability and accumulate the intellectual capital of China.

NSCC-TJ worked with the Institute of Mechanics, the Institute of Materia Medica, the Institute of Computational Mathematics and the National Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory to research on the new energy, new materials, condensed matter physics, particle liquid simulation, astronomical observations, carbon nano-materials and so on.

Case 1: simulation of interaction of DNA molecules in aqueous solution

NSCC-TJ worked with the Software Center to analyze the interaction of DNA molecules in aqueous solution and test parallel. The test result was shown in Figure 1:

Fig.1 Electrolyte electric double layer density functional anion distribution calculation results of three-dimensional graph

Performance and scalability results:

The minimum operation time was 79.6 seconds when the CPU cores reached 2,048 in the example.

Case 2: large-scale structure of the universe simulation

The large scale structure of the universe refers to the distribution characteristics of the galaxies in the universe. Through the simulation of large-scale structure of the universe, we can not only understand the distribution of galaxies in the universe, but also study issues related to galaxy formation.

NSCC-TJ, in cooperation with the Purple Mountain Observatory, used the Gadget-2 software to simulate the large-scale structure of the universe and obtained a good simulation results.

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