Cartoon Rendering

Animation rendering is one of the core aspects of animation production. It uses animation rendering program to translate the animation design into concrete images through combining of elements of the model, light, texture, shadows and other settings. Generally animation rendering includes five processes, access to the model, set the camera, lighting, materials, texture and shadow. Animation rendering is a key part of the creative and pre-design concept which directly determines the visual effect of the anime. High-level rendering show the detailed textures and scene effects and also make the image more vivid.

The NSCC-TJ collaborates with Tianjin Animation Park to establish a "Super-rendering Cloud Platform" based on the supercomputing capabilities of NSCC-TJ and the animation software of Tianjin Animation Park. The platform could decrease the production cycle from 4-6 months to two hours for the rendering aspect of an animated film so that there is a great deal of efficient improvement for the animation and file production.

In addition, NSCC-TJ and Cool Cartoon Corporation have established the Tianhe – Cool Cartoon film super-rendering cloud computing platform together. The cloud platform based on the TH-1A is mainly used for rendering for animation and movies because not only the cloud platform is able to complete the high complex rendering of film and television works efficiently and rapidly, but it achieves the production of the scene with low cost.

Figure 1 shows the rendering results of the Tianhe–Cool Cartoon and film super-rendering cloud computing platform.

         Figure 1 Tianhe–Cool Cartoon


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