Oil exploration

As the global economy grow fast, oil as a strategic materials related to the economy and security play an increasingly important role. In recent years, because of the economic growth China has the great demand for oil and it becomes the largest oil-importing countries. Thus there is an urgent requirement to use high-performance computer systems to provide technological support for the oil exploration so as to enhance the international competitiveness of oil exploration of China.

In January 2011, the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin has cooperated with BGP to run the GeoEast-lightning single (double) Cheng-wave Prestack depth partial shift software which research and develop independently by BGP on the TH-1A computer system and has achieved a good outcome. Table 1 is the performance data of using GeoEast-lightning single (double) Cheng wave pre-stack depth migration software system to deal with the two oil seismic exploration data. Figure 1 is the geological structure of surface area of 1050 square km, depth of 5 km of three-dimension map.

Fig1 1050 square kilometers of three-dimensional data

The NSCC-TJ has cooperated with Sinopec Nanjing Institute of Geophysical Technology to use kirchhoff integration method in the proprietary software iCluster seismic prestack migration imaging system in the pre-stack time migration, the shot domain one-way wave equation prestack depth migration method to test the performance of TH-1A. Table 2 shows the test results.


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