Oil Exploration

♦Various of one-way wave equation prestack depth migration

♦3D prestack time migration、isotropic and anisotropy 3D reverse-time migration

♦Laplace、Laplace-Fourier waveform inversion

♦Ability to deal with the large data(thousands of and even tens of thousands of square kilometers) under complex geological conditions

♦Provide the processing services for many companies

Biological Medicine

♦Gene sequencing data processing

♦Prediction of protein structure?and dynamics behavior

♦High-throughput virtual screening

Engineering Simulation

Computer Aided Engineering (Computer Aided Engineering, CAE) technology is used to organize all aspects of engineering (product). the key point is to integrate relevant information and to exist the whole life cycle of the project (product).

The commonly used methods of CAE consist of the finite element method (FEM), boundary element method (BEM), finite volume method (FVM) and finite difference method (FDM). In the center of commercial software, based on the algorithm, CPU cores and the division of domain decomposition methods, the computational speed could reach 20 to 100 times in comparison with ordinary pc or workstation.

The engineering simulation software, including the ansys mechanical, cfx, fluent, lsdyna, can handle the project structure, fluid, burning and collision. The applications domains comprise automotive crash, metal forming, electrical design, rotating machinery, hydraulic structures and so on.

Remote Sensing Data

♦Build “MAP WORLD " north data centers and geographical information database to achieve mass data storage and processing

♦Real-time 3D geographic information processing, analysis and display, provide location services

♦That can be used to urban planning, environmental monitoring, traffic management, logistics management,etc

Weather Forecasting

The enhancing of climate meteorological numerical simulation level is mainly dependent on improving resolution and the improvement of the physical processes, but it will result in massive calculation. "TH-1A" system could provide a large-scale, high-precision numerical simulation results so that it ensures the public service and disaster prevention.

Digital Media And Animation Rendering

Digital media and animation rendering is one of the applications on high performance computer. With the popularity of the 3D film, 4D movies, high-definition animation and high-definition television, the computation of animation rendering increases exponentially and there is need to make use of more powerful supercomputer to carry out rendering.

"TH-1A" supercomputer has the ability to complete high quality rendering of animation and film special effects quickly. The supercomputer could enable not only the efficient, rapid realization of highly complex and difficult scenes of animation and video works, but fast, low-cost implementation of the virtual scene.

High-End Equipment Manufacturing

The high-end equipment manufacturing is one of the high-performance computing applications. "TH-1A" supercomputer could provide technical support and technical insurance for the new energy equipment, new materials, efficient energy saving equipment, electronic equipment, and new energy auto production lines. Meanwhile, TH-1A supercomputer could offer high-performance computing services for the aviation equipment, satellite and application of marine equipment during the 12th five-year.

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Aerospace is a highly integrated modern technology. The design phase of aerospace vehicles requires relevant flow field simulation based-on supercomputer. the powerful computing capabilities of TH-1A can help designers to improve the aerodynamic design efficiency of aerospace vehicles.

Marine Environmental Engineering

With the exploration and the exploitation of our ocean, the marine disaster forecasting and the interaction between large-scale construction projects and marine environment are more and more important now. "TH-1A" could provide technical support for the development of our marine resources and marine environment protection.

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